Storage, Moving and Packing Tips

Storage Tips

Storing may be a difficult task at times. To achieve maximum results we advise that you follow these guidelines:

  1. Locked Up StoragePack so that you are able to access items you may need from time to time.
  2. Store items you may need at the front of the unit.
  3. Anything important should be wrapped or boxed properly.
  4. To save space in the unit, disassemble any large furniture that may be taken apart (bed frames, desks, shelving units‚ etc.).
  5. Cover all furniture with furniture pads or old bed sheets.
  6. Lay a furniture pad down on the floor before placing glass or anything breakable down on its edge.
  7. Stack chairs seat to seat with a furniture pad separating them.
  8. Use File Boxes for files and important documents.
  9. Avoid leaving boxes half full. This may leave the box weak, and damage items inside if other boxes are stacked on top.
  10. Wrap plates, glasses and china individually and place them in a box no larger than 2 cubic feet.
  11. When storing appliances be sure that they are dry on the inside. Fix the door open slightly so that air doesn’t get trapped inside causing mold

Moving Tips

Moving may be a difficult task at times. In order to achieve maximum results with a minimum of stress we recommend following these tips:

  • Moving tipsRefrigerators and freezers should be defrosted and allowed to dry at least 24 hours prior to the move.
  • Before moving, dispose of any hazardous materials.
  • Mark on the outside of the box the contents of each box for easy unpacking.
  • All boxes should be taped securely.
  • Pack lampshades in separate boxes.
  • Do not wrap light colored items in newsprint (ink will rub off onto the item)
  • Do not leave trays loose in fridge or stoves.
  • Small kitchen appliances should be packed firmly into boxes.
  • Label all sides of boxes for easy identification.

Packing Tips

It’s always better to have your goods professionally packed. However, if you must do your own packing you’ll get better results following these tips:

Packing TipsDon’t get trapped in a box, call a professional moving company.

  • Pack on a room-by-room basis.
  • Do not pack articles from the living room in boxes with articles from the kitchen
  • Start packing as early as possible.
  • Start in areas where your belongings are not in frequent use such as the cellar, attic, garage, closet shelves.
  • You may want to purchase specialized cartons from our store that will be impossible to find elsewhere.
  • Hanging clothing, such as suits, dresses and coats, should be hung in wardrobe cartons that have a bar for coat hangers.
  • Small, heavy articles such as books, records, canned goods, etc. should go in small boxes.
  • Large but not so heavy articles like pots, pans, linens, should go in larger boxes.
  • Very large but lightweight articles such as blankets and soft toys should go in the largest boxes.
  • Do not pack any hazardous materials, flammables, combustibles or explosives.

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